The Book of James

This Book of James is not to be confused with the other one. For many years I’ve said “I should write a book” and my site provides me with the tools to make this task that little bit easier. The topic of this book will be me. How “like him,” I hear some of you murmur. Well famous authors suggest that you write about what you know best. One can elaborate or one can tell it like it is (or was) – that is the beauty of being the author. I’m not sure where this will end up, but it will hopefully give the reader an insight into who I am. Yes you can read the brief version if you like, but you can also delve into my history dating all the way back to just before 1968. The choice is yours, and I appreciate whichever one you make. The most important thing to remember, is that I’m not really writing this for “the reader”, but I’m doing this for me. Enjoy what you read, and feel free to send me comments if you like.

Start here with my Being Borning post (hint: I don’t really remember a lot), then move onto the Early Years, a moment in history with Daniel, and then my life with Chris.